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Avis par Nikola Boskovic
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Prva liga tečnosti!!! Svka čast ekipi koja radi, sve pohvale!! :))))
Pro 20, 2019
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Avis par Dominik Kovačić
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All the best !!
Kol 21, 2019
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Avis par Sonja
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Najbolje tekućine i jedine koje parim. Spirit of the woods moja numero uno.
Kol 19, 2019
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Journey Private Reserve Excelsior, 50ml in 60 shortfill

152,00 HRK

Tabac à pipe complexe

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This was in development for more than a year. At least 30 people were testing it several times in several different versions (probably even more if I count "vape meets" where at least several dozen people tried it" 

In the end, they forced us to release it already because "it is done" as they said :)

There is no expense when creating this liquid. We don't focus on just one flavor manufacturer...we don't focus just on TPA flavors or Capella, or Flavorwest or whatever other brands there is in existence...we have more than 3000 flavor samples (probably even more) from every known and unknown manufacturer...we are getting new ones every month...that is logistical hell for small company like ours...but its worth 

There are several tobacco flavors in this mix (ignore image xD I don't plan to put 5 tobaccos on picture :D). One component gives beginning tobacco taste, which is mild to medium with a touch of tobacco leafs taste and dried apple. 

This taste goes trough whole "puff" but it gets mixed with other undertones later. 

The second tobacco is mixed in the middle of the vape with sweet and salty caramel rounded with a little bit of bourbon taste. 

The second one gives one "undertone" which comes forward with stepping, that the last one strongest more aromatic cigar tobacco which rounds it up. 

Trough out the whole vape there is the distinct flavor of several nuts mixed together while one dominates and it is kinda bitter. 

This vape is created and goes well with strong espresso coffee, good Italian cappuccino or glass of red wine. If people are looking for something that goes well with spirits like whiskey or some alcohol like beer then we recommend Schrodingers. 

Excelsior is 100% pure MTL vape since it's developed for enjoyment in every puff to discover different notes.


Pour une conservation optimale des saveurs, gardez votre e liquide Alternativ à l'abri de la lumière, dans un endroit sec et à une température ambiante d'environ 20°C.
Bien secouer avant utilisation et ne pas hésiter

Préparation de votre e liquide


All our mixes are mixed in 10% with 70:30 VPG nicotine base. If you are mixing with 50:50 nicotine base you can mix with an even lower percentage. To see what is most recommended percentage by our users check customer reviews or product details for more information.

Shortfill (40ml/60ml)

Le flacon de e liquide peut contenir 60 ml de e liquide maximum. 2x booster devrait être ajouté.
Ajouter 2x 20mg = 6,6mg
Ajouter 2x 10mg= 3,3 mg

Pour faciliter l'achat, vous pouvez choisir l'option de force "Nic shot" dans le menu déroulant à gauche, où deux boosters de nicotine seront ajoutés à votre commande, en fonction de la force choisie.


Longfill est 12 ml arôme concentrate en bouteille de 120 ml. Ajouter 108 base de nicotine à la bouteille

3mg (3,3) - 2x 20mg booster + 88ml 0mg VPG base
6mg (5,8) - 3x 20mg booster + 1x 10ml booster + 0mg VPG base (68 ml)
11mg (11.1) - 7x 20mg booster + 0mg VPG base (38 ml)
15mg - 9x 20mg booster + 0mg VPG base (18ml)
18mg (18,3) - 12x 20mg Booster

Pour acheter une base VPG 0mg cliquer sur le lien.

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1233 Produits

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