Jinx Collectors Edition

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One of best tobacco e-liquids we did so far

Jinx was introduced under “Private Reserve” brand together with Stribor recipe back in 2016. Since flavours used in these mixes are very exotic, hard to come by, both recipes were produced in small batches. Jinx is re-released in 2018 as high end very exclusive flavour recipe. Jinx is a combination of various tobacco flavours complemented with several chocolate flavours. Flavour is moderate sweet with true chocolate taste. Neither tobacco nor chocolate is dominant in this mix. Depending on the setup and the time of the day, several different nuts notes can appear or even fruity/alcohol notes from tobacco. Minimum 30 days of steeping time is needed (up to 60 days). Flavours in this mix (except one) cannot be bought by end users on webshops so they will basically try these flavours and this flavour combination for the first time.

This package contains:
- 10ml flavor concentrate
- 20 in 30ml shortfill bottle (old stlye packaging)
- Journey tweezers and cotton cutter

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