SHAKE Popcorn 24ml in 120 longfill

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Popcorn, popcorn... who would vape popcorn flavour you ask? Well, don’t be afraid :D this is not just random popcorn flavour with tons of Acetyl Pyrazine :) This recipe is actually in development for last several months (we started playing with it somewhere in October 2018) and even though we almost gave up on “good popcorn flavour” idea, at very end we found perfect balanced ratio of several different flavours which will surprise your senses :D


To preserve flavors, keep e-liquids and flavor concentrates protected from light, in a dry place, and at room temperature (around 20°C).

Steeping (e liquid maturation)

Add VPG base and nic shots (if you wish), shake well - this product doesn't need steeping - its SHAKE and vape! 

Mixing tips


Longfill is 12ml (24ml) of flavour concentrate in 120 ml Gorilla bottle which means you should add of nic base to the bottle.
Here are instructions on how to get desired nic strength:

3mg (3,3) - 2x 20mg nic shot + VG Base to the top
6mg (5,8) - 3x 20mg nic shot + 1x 10mlg nic shot + VG Base to the top
9mg (9,1) - 1x 10ml 10mg + 5x 10ml 20mg + VG Base to the top
11mg (11.1) - 7x 20mg nic shot + VG Base to the top
15mg - 9x 20mg nic shot + VG Base to the top

To purchase 0mg PG/VG e-liquid base click on link.

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