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Tobacco with chocolate and touch of whiskey


Jinx was introduced under “Private Reserve” brand together with Stribor recipe back in 2016. Since flavours used in these mixes are very exotic, hard to come by, both recipes were produced in small batches. Jinx is re-released in 2018 as high end very exclusive flavour recipe. Jinx is a combination of various tobacco flavours complemented with several chocolate flavours. Flavour is moderate sweet with true chocolate taste. Neither tobacco nor chocolate is dominant in this mix. Depending on the setup and the time of the day, several different nuts notes can appear or even fruity/alcohol notes from tobacco. Minimum 30 days of steeping time is needed (up to 60 days). Flavours in this mix (except one) cannot be bought by end users on webshops so they will basically try these flavours and this flavour combination for the first time.


To preserve flavours, keep e-liquids and flavour concentrates protected from light, in a dry place, and at room temperature (around 20°C).

Maturation (steeping)

Add VPG base and nic shots (if you wish), shake well and let it steep for at least 30 days. Once a week you can open a bottle so that fresh air enters it. Keep it in dark at room temperature. If you are impatient to try it out :) you can try few drops on dripper every now and then (once a week).

Mixing tips

Flavour concentrate

All our mixes are mixed in 10% with 70:30 VPG nicotine base. If you are mixing with 50:50 nicotine base you can mix with an even lower percentage. To see what is most recommended percentage by our users check customer reviews or product details for more information.

Shortfill (40ml in 60ml bottle)

Our shortfills contain 40ml of a flavoured base which means two nicotine boosters should be added.
If you add 2x 20mg end mix will contain 6,6mg of nicotine
If you add 2x 10mg end mix will contain 3,3 mg of nicotine

To make the purchase easier you can choose "Nic shot" strength option from a drop-down menu on the left where two nicotine boosters will be added to your order depending on the strength you chose.


Longfill is 12 ml of flavour concentrate in 120 ml Gorilla bottle which means you should add 108ml of nic base to the bottle.
Here are instructions on how to get desired nic strength:

3mg (3,3) - 2x 20mg nic shot + 88ml 0mg nic base (or just pour to the top)
6mg (5,8) - 3x 20mg nic shot + 1x 10mlg nic shot + rest 0mg nic base (68 ml)
11mg (11.1) - 7x 20mg nic shot + rest 0mg nic base (38 ml)
15mg - 9x 20mg nic shot + rest 0mg nic base (18mg)
18mg (18,3) - 12x 20mg nic shot

To purchase 0mg PG/VG e-liquid base click on link.

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