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Vanilla pudding with cookies, cream and coconut

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90,00 kn tax incl.

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Dominant liquid flavor Vanilla
Secondary flavor Cookie
Third flavor Coconut

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Idea from this recipe also came from our community and one person asking for "Coconut ice cream". If you ever worked with coconut flavours you know that they taste like:
A) Coppertone suntan oil
B) piece of plastic :D 

So we started to search for true coconut flavour... and as we learned during that process - coconut is a tough flavour to match. Basically, there is no natural way to extract coconut flavour and that's why all flavours taste as we mentioned before. But after many tries and mistakes, we found very interesting coconut cream mix... but it was just that - coconut mix - so we had to complicate it :)

Vanilla pudding with that subtle coconut cream is the main flavour that will make the base of this vape, in addition we added some cream, cookies and extra coconut sprinkles on top.

At the end... we got a lot of a headache, 15 flavours in a mix but one of most layered and complex mixed we developed in our mixing history.

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